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Main Products

Bloque de gancho de grúa Bloque de gancho de grúa

Flagcrane ha desarrollado una serie de bloques de gancho de grúa de acuerdo con los últimos requisitos y técnicas FEM 1001 y la norma DIN 15020.

Rope Drum - Flagcrane Rope Drum - Flagcrane

Rope drum is the most important accessories in the lifting equipment, it is responsible for winding the wire rope, bearing the tension and pressure of the lifted heavy objects, and realizing the lifting and handling of heavy objects with the cooperation o

Crane Wheel - Flagcrane Crane Wheel - Flagcrane

Crane wheels are usually made of durable steel or cast iron. They are strong and durable enough to carry and transport weight. These wheels travel on rails with drive provided by an electric or hydraulic system, enabling the crane to move laterally within

C-hook for Crane C-hook for Crane

C-hook for crane is mainly composed of hook main body and counterweight iron.

Container Spreader Container Spreader

Container spreader is a special spreader for loading and unloading containers.

Lifting Magnet / Lifting Electromagnet Lifting Magnet / Lifting Electromagnet

Lifting magnet / lifting electromagnet is a kind of special spreader that absorbs magnetic materials through electromagnetic.

Grab Bucket Grab Bucket

Flagcrane provides a variety of customized grab bucket solutions for the material handling industry.

Crane Hook Block Crane Hook Block

Flagcrane has developed series of crane hook block in accordance with the latest requirements and techniques FEM 1001 and DIN STANDARD 15020.

Lifting Beam Lifting Beam

Lifting beam is a special spreader use for hoisting large objects and structural parts. it is widely use in shipping, transportation and installation industries. The use of lifting beam can make the hoisted objects receive a reasonable force during the ho